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I am a French Artist living in Dorset.

The seaside is a constant source of inspiration thanks to the diversity of the coastline, its light and ever-changing weather.

Through my camera lens I catch ordinary living moments, scenes of everyday life, and people in their natural poses.

John Constable, Martin Parr, Joaquin Sorolla, Cathelin and Nicolas De Stael have always influenced the way I see the world. 

Having studied  Fine Art at the ESAD School in Grenoble, I went on study Multimedia in the UK as part of the Erasmus exchange programme.

In 2010 I completed a Masters in Contemporary Art having won the  LVMH prize in 2007 (Young Creators in Tribute to Yves Klein).

I moved to Dorset a few years ago and live here with my husband and my two sons. 


"Dans l’Art, la Vie seule intéresse.”                          

                                                     Alphonse Allais

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